Top 15 Travel Dreams

Keeping lists and staying motivated


“Looks amazing! I’d love to go there!” you say when a friend shares their stunning photos from a recent trip. Of course you really would like to do that, but moments later the topic changes and you forget all about it. I realised thoughts like this came through my mind all the time, when I saw an exciting place on TV or in my newsfeed. But the motivation to actually follow through and just do it would slip away, because I wouldn’t grab on to these thoughts and remember them.

One day I started writing my travel ideas down in to what I called my ‘Dreams List’. (‘Dreams’ is more whimsical than ‘goals’). As soon as I noticed something I was interested in, I’d make a note and add it to my list. Having dreams to work towards is a fulfilling part of my life. When I’ve had a bad day, or even a good day, or when I’m feeling stuck in a rut, I like to read the list to feel motivated. Some are simple, and others more long term. It’s a long list and constantly growing, and I’ve already ticked off a bunch. Sometimes dreams are ticked off in ways I didn’t expect, or another person helped me to complete a dream. I kept my list with my passport while I travelled, and would show it to other travellers if it came up in conversation. Sharing travel ideas is a great way to make friends on the road.

I enjoy reading other people’s travel goals on blogs, and I also feel like people’s dreams in life say a lot about who they are. It’s a nice way to get to know someone, so since this is my very first article on Capture Curiosity I’ve put together my top travel dreams to share with you.

  1. Road trip from Darwin to Uluru

Uluru represents so much cultural history and the fight for social justice in Australia. It’s a mysterious place that holds a lot of power in my imagination. I want to make the effort to do a sort of pilgrimage, so I can feel a sense of awe arriving at the destination after a journey, not just being flown in and then magicked away when I want. I hope to have a couple of amazing road trip buddies to do this with who will each bring a different perspective. Also, I absolutely love the film ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’, and I definitely want to get all sequinned up and recreate some scenes!

  1. Walk through the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, Madagascar

The first time I learnt about this incredible rock formation was in a National Geographic magazine. Apparently the daggers of stone can be sharp enough to slice a leg through to the bone. It just seems so alien, especially with the exotic wildlife like chameleons and the mysterious fossa. Over 80% of Madagascar’s forest has been cleared already, so I better get here soon before it’s gone.

  1. Indiana Jones myself around Cambodia

Jungles and temple ruins! Of course I want to visit the famous Angkor Wat. And there are many other ruins around Cambodia to spend a few weeks discovering as an amateur archaeologist. (EDIT: Since writing this post I have completed my trip to Cambodia!)

  1. Wildlife safari in Sri Lanka

 My friend works as a guide for Leopard Trails and shares the most incredible stories. His photos inspire me to go to Sri Lanka; it seems like an amazing place to see leopards and tigers, and walk around the green hills of Ella.

  1. See Draco volans in SE Asia

A mini dragon!!? I don’t know how or where yet but it would be so special to see this little lizard up close.

  1. Experience a winter wonderland

Growing up in a hot coastal Australian town, I’ve never spent much time around snow.  I want to try all the classic snow activities: snow angels, catching snowflakes on my tongue, and simply watching snow falling. And I would like to touch a reindeer’s antlers to know how velvety they really are. A trip to Scandinavia perhaps? Or even Antarctica!

  1. Tropical island survival adventure for one month

Maybe it’s from Robinson Crusoe, or LOST. Or even some Bear Grylls. I don’t know why but I have just always wanted to spear a fish and cook it. Although I don’t have any special skills myself, I’m fascinated by people who have traditional knowledge of tools and techniques to find food and I would love to learn.

  1. Explore Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Like something out of a fantasy movie. Absolutely mesmerising, I can’t wait to see this enchanted place. It’s so beautiful and pristine and all they ask is that you don’t swim to keep it undisturbed, but there is a similar national park nearby called Krka where you can swim.

  1. Taste the Bunya Pines, Queensland Australia

Look at it! A giant pine cone!! You can even eat the giant pine nut! It can be cooked in many ways including roasted, boiled like potatoes, and ground up to make a bread. I don’t know why it isn’t more famous. I first heard of the Bunya Pine when I was reading a book about another interesting tree, The Wollemi Pine.

  1. Kayaking in Tasmania

There is a kayak adventure company, Roaring 40s Kayaking, that drops you in the middle of a national park and then you kayak out through the river system with a guide. Such a peaceful way to explore the wilderness.

  1. Make a Robin Hood themed trip in the UK

Castles, swords, bows and arrows, rebels with a good heart. A medieval festival could be the place to go.

  1. USA national parks road trip

The USA is just so big and has so many diverse ecosystems, and I’d really like to do it justice with a big road trip. Following in the pop culture tradition of American highways is a must do, especially since I am a fan of the show Supernatural.

  1. Khamoro World Roma Festival, Prague

It was so fascinating to learn about Roma history and culture at the Museum of Romani Culture in Brno that it made me eager to return to the Czech Republic and experience the Khamoro Festival. Colourful clothes, music, and dancing in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities!

  1. Monarch butterfly migration, Mexico

Millions of these butterflies migrate from the USA and Canada, arriving in Mexico between November to February. How beautiful to be surrounded by such a large congregation of these little travellers.

  1. Big Things Road Trip, Australia

Although incredibly kitsch, that is the true charm of Australia’s Big Things. There are more than 150 of these quirky landmarks, and it would be a proud achievement to tick off as many of them as possible. Definitely a fun reason to see more of my home country.

This was my very first article on Capture Curiosity! Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll start a list of your own! Tia

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